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Enjoy the unmatched cultural and physical experience of a trekking trip through the Nepal Himalaya. This is the way to meet Nepalis in their automobile-free villages, experience exotic wildlife and flora, and view spectacular scenery ranging from rushing river valleys to towering snow-peaks.

Trekking intineraries may take from a few days to a few weeks. Himalayan Humanity clients will carry a daypack but can rely on helpful guides and capable porters to manage other logistics. These include route finding, transportation of personal effects and communal supplies, and preparing or procuring varied and hygenic meals and comfortable sleeping quarters. Some trek itineraries take visit charming mountain lodges for evening stays while other treks offer a more self-sufficient tent-camping experience.

Sight-Seeing Excursions

For a more relaxed adventure you can rely on Himalayan Humanity for a comfortable and exciting road-based sight-seeing tour. Popular destinations include the Kathmandu Valley and Chitwan National Park. Single-day and overnight itineraries are available.

Rafting Trips

Contact us about custom-designed raft trip itineraries to various destinations within Nepal.

Bicycle Tour

The Himalayan region offers some of the best terrain for Mountain Biking in the world, little compares with the excitement and beauty of exploring the amazing array of geographic diversity on two wheels! Most cycle tracks are off-road; running on unpaved paths or dirt tracks. As you ride you will feel encapsulated within the natural environment and there will be plenty of time to step back to take photographs and enjoy the superb views. Himalayan Humanity offers cycle routes of every category, although some acclimatisation and good physical fitness are recommended for the more remote and high altitude routes.

Each route is carefully designed to recognize and encourage the varying skills and interests of the riders as well as to feel the real adventure. A four-wheel drive jeep and a bilingual skilled cycle-guide support all trips........ more

Domestic Flight and Road-travel Arrangements

You can rely on our experienced and resourceful staff to advise you and acquire reliable transportation to destinations within Nepal.

Overnight Accommodation Arrangements

Himalayan Humanity has contacts within the hotel and guesthouse industry throughout Nepal. We are happy to provide recommendations and facilitate bookings for you.

Guides and Porters

guides Special arrangements can be made to provide your custom expedition with uniquely qualified guides and porters. Himalayan Hummanity takes a smaller margin of profit in exchange for providing excellent working conditions and benefits for staff, socially progressive services for clients, and environmentally sustainable business practices. More........

Volunteering Opportunities

Nepal is a country of great natural beauty and a generous, industrious population. But it is also a country in transition, as Western influences meet traditional Nepali ways of life. Part of the Himalayan Humanity mandate is to help elevate standards of human dignity and ecological respect in every endeavour we approach. Ask us how you may be able to help out above and beyond being a conscientious tourist.