Personal Security in Nepal

Because of the ongoing political conflict in Nepal, tourism and trekking visitor numbers in Nepal have decreased greatly. Some trekkers are now choosing destinations other than Nepal.

In reality it is more inconvenience than danger that foreign visitors have experienced in recent months. Insurgent parties (Maoist rebels) have forced foreign trekkers to donate to their cause. Unexpected bandhs (strikes) have occasionally interrupted travel between towns and the purchase of supplies.

Maoist banner welcoming tourists

But the "dangers" must be put into perspective and compared with those found in other popular destinations around the world. Jamie McGuiness, a respected guidebook writer states "Trekking sensibly in Nepal is still MUCH safer than trekking-travelling around the USA or Italy, the incidence of theft-robbery in Nepal is still far, far lower than tourist-friendly New Zealand!"

The Maoist struggle is with the current government. They continue to maintain that they do not wish to suppress tourism within Nepal.

Himalayan Humanity continually monitors the political situation along its trekking routes. You will be advised of any alternative plans that we deem necessary to make your trip as safe as possible.