Trekking Rules in Nepal

Trekking Permit :

Special trekking permit is not required to trek in common areas such as Sagarmatha, Annapurna and Langtang. A Trekking permit is required to visit Nepal 's interior, i.e. areas determined for trekking by the government. If you plan to trek in two different areas, two trekking permits are required. The Department of Immigration located at Bhrikuti Mandap , Nepal Tourism Department Building, issues trekking permit for the tourists who intend to trek any part of the country. Trekking permit fee for different trekking areas are fixed as follows:

# Kanchanjunga & Lower Dolpa :

First four weeks - US$10.00 Per Week
After four weeks - US$20.00 Per Week

# Upper Mustang & Upper Dolpa :

First ten days - US$700.00
After ten days - US$70.00 Per Day

# Manaslu:

September to November - US$90.00 Per Week
December to August - US$75.00 Per Week

# Humla (Simikot-Yari):

First Seven Days - US$90.00
After Seven Days - US$15.00 Per Day

Trekking in the following areas require prior approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs:

  • Olangchunggola, Lelep and Papung in Taplejung
  • Kimathanka, Chepua, Hatia and Phawakhola in Sankhuwasabha
  • North-West route to Nangpala of the Namche VDC in Solokhumbu
  • Thuman and Timure in Rasua
  • Chrkampar and Chuchet in Gorkha
  • Nar, Phu and area on the North from Tiliche of Thoche VDC in Manang
  • Mugu, Dolpung, Phulu and Magare in Mugu.
  • Limi and the route to Tibet through Tangekhola of Darma VDC in Humla
  • Byas in Darchula
  • Kanda in Bajhang

Important Note:

1. For the trekking permit, please attach two copies of photograph with the application form.
2. Trekking permit will not be issued; to individual trekkers in the following areas:

  • a. Kanchanjunga
  • b. Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpa
  • c. Manaslu
  • d. Humla (Simikot-Yari)

3. Trekking permit will not be issued

  • a. For more than the date of validity of visa.
  • b. For areas previously declared restricted.


Trekking permit issuing offices:

1. Department of Immigration
2. Pokhara Immigration Office (Only for Annapurna , Lower Dolpa and Miscellaneous areas).
3. Nepalgunj Immigration Office (within 30 days period for the area of mid Western Region except restricted areas).
4. Kakarvitta Immigration Office (within 30 days period for the area of Eastern Region except restricted areas).
5. Mahendranagar Immigration Office (within 30 days period for the area of Far Western and Mid-Western Region except restricted areas).

Miscellaneous Fees:

1. Travel document (in case of loss/damage/theft or expiry of the passport) -US$ 10.00
2. Issuance of entry visa from the Department - 25% along with regular entry visa fee.
3. Certification of Arrival or Departure stamp or Visa Transfer - US$ 1.00 (One).