Wages and Employee Bennefits

Ratio of Lowest Wage to National Legal Minimum

The minimum wage for porters and other trek staff will be 500 Nepali Rs per day on easy and moderate tea house trekking routes, such as Annapurna region, Lang tang Gosaikunda and 600 Nepali Rs in the Everest region.

This is between three and four times the basic wage set by the government at 160 Rs per day.

Ratio of lowest wage to local cost of living.

On average the living cost for trek staff is 200-250 Rs per day while working in the Annapurna and Langtang region and 300-350 Rs per day working in the Everest region.

Health and Economic Benefits for Employees

For the health of the staff, all employees will be provided the medical insurance of 70000 Rs. In order to provide staff economic security, an account will be operated in the name of Himalayan Humanity Treks Staff Welfare Fund. Staff will be required to place 10% of their wages in the fund, and all contributions will be matched 100% by the company. In case of emergency or essential need, up to 50% of total saving of each particular staff will be provided on the loan basis.

The collected fund will be providing to staff as a severance pay while the staff decides to leave the Himalayan Humanity Treks forever.